better by nature
Help us stop Britain's wood harvest being burnt.

We''re not talking about a few logs in a wood burning stove. We''re talking 1.8 million tonnes of British grown wood being burnt by power generators every year.

Surely we can use this precious resource better than just burning it?

Used wisely in a logical sequence of use, wood from logging in Britain's sustainable forests should be used for building materials and furniture making, ensuring CO2 stays locked up for decades.

When wood is used wisely it is only finally returned to the atmosphere through burning for energy or decomposition after many years of use elsewhere.

But current legislation is promoting unwise use of wood, encouraging power generators to burn wood before it has had any useful life and releasing carbon that would normally be locked up for decades. Is this wise?

Burning wood to create electricity ignores the sequence of use and is a wasteful use of a precious resource.